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It is most important when you need a fiduciary that you choose one with whom you can maintain a long-term trusting relationship. You may want to seek the advice of other professionals including attorneys who specialize in probate matters. Various local public and private agencies on aging and elder affairs may also be able to supply useful information and advice.

What is a Fiduciary?
A fiduciary is someone who accepts the responsibility for taking care of the needs or property of another person for the benefit of that person. The fiduciary serves in a role of trust. The person served by a fiduciary places trust in the fiduciary to manage his or her affairs solely for his or her benefit. The element of trust becomes crucial when the person receiving services is frail, vulnerable and incapacitated.

A private fiduciary is a non-family member who serves professionally, that is, for a fee. Each County in Arizona has a probate court which is part of the county's superior court system. One of the duties of the probate court is to appoint a personal representative to protect and preserve estates, and guardians and conservators to protect vulnerable incapacitated people from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

If you wish to choose a private fiduciary, it is recommended that a list of qualified and registered fiduciaries be obtained by contacting the Arizona Supreme Court, Private Fiduciary Program, 1501 W. Washington, Suite 401, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

Human life is both precious and sacred from its very beginning through to its end. All people have the inalienable right to live with dignity, freedom and self-determination.

Most people are able to manage their own affairs. They are productive, they pay their bills and have a social support system to meet their needs. Others are not so fortunate. For various reasons they are unable to care for themselves. They need assistance in meeting their responsibilities. At which time, it may be necessary to explore the available options in elder services.

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