East Valley fiduciary Services
East Valley fiduciary Services
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East Valley fiduciary Services
East Valley fiduciary Services

East Valley fiduciary Services

About East Valley Fiduciary Services Mesa by Arizona Fiduciary Services 480-985-0936


EVFS was founded by James Clark in 1998.  Since the beginning, EVFS has been an ally to the vulnerable.  With Jim’s previous experience as a Long Term Care Administrator and former Director of Behavioral Health Services, Jim brought integrity and care to the social work side of the fiduciary business.  In 2008, a successor was found in Michael Bogle.  As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary and with an extensive background and experience in the financial services industry, EVFS now has the right blend of social work and financial skill under one roof.
A successful professional private fiduciary is active at all levels of the profession.  Most importantly, where family or friends are unavailable to assist you in navigating through life’s journey, one solution is East Valley Fiduciary Services.  A person(s) dedicated to meeting the needs and responsibilities of those who cannot do so for themselves.  EVFS mission statement is clear;  “it is the mission of East Valley Fiduciary Services to promote the health and well-being of all persons entrusted for guardian and/or conservatorship.”  Inclusive are the individual rights to dignity and respect; courteous and competent service; to work with professionals with the highest standards of ethical and personal integrity; communication and cooperation, plus the highest level of knowledge and competency in the profession.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?  To be; informed, represented, notified, advised, comprehensive assessment, medical and psychological care, training, education, therapy, estate conservation, visit and family communication, wishes attended to, financially informed, respected as an individual, foster human dignity, freedom and self-determination.

WHAT AREAS CAN BE ADDRESSED?  Care management, family conflict assessment and resolution, oversight to accomplish plan and trust protection, inventory and inspection, Social Security review and Veteran’s benefit assessment, budget and sustainability projections, protect and serve 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days a year, experienced court approved administrator for guardianships, conservatorships, special needs trust administration for children or adults, family circumstance planning and resource advisor, protective services advocate. 

A local company with a well trained and motivated staff of professionals.

Website: www.eastvalleyfiduciaryservices.com   phone:  480-985-0936    fax:  480-985-9940

Address:  7165 E. University Drive, suite 171, Mesa, AZ.  85207

A complimentary assessment upon request.

East Valley fiduciary Services